Regulations and Permits


There are a variety of jurisdictional agencies at the federal, state and local level with different authority of different wetlands. It can be difficult to navigate these rules and regulations though several of the agencies have made a concerted effort to simplify the process by running their permitting under the same concurrent application. Typically, a resident can come to the city as the Local Governmental Unit charged with oversight of wetland protection. There are also a number of consultants that offer wetland services. For a list of qualified professionals visit Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources website.

Chanhassen protection ordinance

The wetlands portion of the Surface Water Management Plan is intended to provide a plan for the protection and management of the City’s wetland and associated natural resources. This plan has been developed in accordance with the Wetlands Conservation Act guidelines. Primary objectives are to:

  1. Identify all of the wetlands within the city
  2. Complete a functions and values analysis on all wetlands within the City of Chanhassen to prioritize wetland regulations based on functions and values of the wetland basin
  3. Identify the status and trends of wetlands
  4. Manage wetland resources with the intention of improving functions and values
  5. Identify short term and long term management strategies
  6. Provide wetland data to residents and developers
  7. Identify restoration opportunities

Wetland Alteration Permit Applications