Comprehensive Plan


A Comprehensive Plan is designed to serve as a guide for the local decision-making process. The cornerstone of such a comprehensive planning process is the development and adoption of goals and policies, which identify the desired qualities and overall vision for the future of the community. These goals and policies are based on the needs of the city along with the unique characteristics and values of the community.

The Comprehensive Plan is designed to be a flexible tool, which can be adapted to new policies to attain stated goals.   

Draft Comprehensive Plan for 2040

A resolution dated December 10, 2018 was approved to submit the Comprehensive Plan to the Metropolitan Council for review. The Metropolitan Council has 120 days to review and determine compliance with the Regional Plan. Once compliance is determined, the city will then adopt a resolution approving the 2040 Comprehensive Plan to put it into effect.

To view the 2040 DRAFT Comprehensive Plan, click on the chapters available below:

Complete Comprehensive Plan 2040 (72 MB)

Existing Plan for 2030

Click HERE to view the 2030 Comprehensive Plan.