Signage for Onsite Pickup of Goods


Many retailers are offering customers the option to buy goods online/remotely and then have the goods loaded directly into their car onsite. Chanhassen’s existing provisions regulating directional signage do not align with industry trends for these types of signs.


In an effort to compete with Amazon and other online retailers, many brick and mortar stores are increasing their online presence and allowing customers to shop online and pick up their purchased goods at a local store. Many of these retailers have started to designate specific area of their parking lot as pickup/drive-up areas where customers can have their pre-purchased goods loaded directly into their car without having to get out and enter the store.

Since these pickup areas are located within the parking lot and can be surrounded by vans, sport utility vehicles, and other taller cars, signage guiding customers to these locations needs to be tall enough to be visible over nearby vehicles. Industry trends seem to be for these types of pickup signs to take the form of a pillar or covered pole around 13 feet high; however, the city’s sign code limits onsite directional signage to 5 feet in height. Staff recommends amending the sign code to allow for this new form of signage.

The following sections of the Chanhassen City Code are subject to changes:

  • Chapter 1 - General Provisions
  • Chapter 20 - Zoning

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Date Meeting Type Action
May 15, 2018 Planning Commission Public Hearing Recommend Approval
June 11, 2018 City Council Approved