Sewer & Water Utilities


The city’s public water system and wastewater utility is a regulated public health agency governed by federal and state laws. All of our staff maintains professional licenses issued by Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Our operations are managed in accordance with a three-fold mission of protecting public health and the environment, and providing superior customer service. We are proud of our drinking water product and services and, as professionals, we are committed to serve and protect the drinking water health of our customers.

Our drinking water and collection system serves approximately 23,000 customers daily. Pipelines and physical facilities such as wells, reservoirs and sanitary lift stations are geographically located throughout the city. Chanhassen’s collection system contains almost 130 miles of sewer main, and 31 wastewater lift stations. Chanhassen’s water distribution system contains 13 wells, 3 reservoirs, and a water treatment facility. The distribution system also contains over 148 miles of watermain.
Util Staff