Ithilien Pond Maintenance Project


The Ithilien Pond basin receives all the stormwater from the 20 homes in the Ithilien development, prior to its discharge into the Curry Farms Park ponds and eventually into Christmas Lake. The wetland has had significant amounts of sediment accumulation from stormwater runoff over the past 26 years. Maintenance of this basin is critical to prevent significant pollution from entering the lake, streams, and for flood control. The project is proposed to excavate sediment and grade the pond to the original contours.

Project Updates

Please check back for future updates.

March 20, 2019

On March 18, crews were on site stabilizing slopes by seeding and laying erosion control blankets.  As soon as the gutters unthaw, a street sweeper will come through to clean up any debris from hauling activities.  Crews will return in late spring to perform any final site restoration or cleanup.  

Please note, there is a temporary pile of ice that remains in the middle of the pond. This will disappear as the ice melts.

Project Notifications Disclaimer
Due to the variability of construction, updates typically do not include specific details such as day-to-day scheduled activity. The City's inspector or contractor will notify occupants directly if they will be impacted by a utility service shut down (example: water shutoff), or work (such as excavation or new curb) that will impede access to the property for a period of hours or days.