Street Design Standards


The city is in the process of amending Chapter 18 of the City Code to bring the City’s subdivision design standards in line with the provisions of the 2015 Minnesota Fire Code’s Appendix D “Fire Apparatus Access Road."


The City is in the process of updating the City Code to adopt the 2015 Minnesota Fire Code and its associated appendixes, with the exception of Appendix D. Since Appendix D stipulates minimum design criteria for street and cul-de-sacs and these standards conflict with those established by Chapter 18 “Subdivisions,” the City is proposing to amend the relevant portions of Chapter 18 to reflect the standards stipulated by Appendix D, rather than adopt Appendix D an create conflicting provisions within the City Code.  Additional provisions will be adopted into Chapter 18 to establish standards for Fire Apparatus Access Roads that are not currently present within the City Code.  The City is also adopting language that will allow the City Council to grant variances from these standards.  

The following sections of the Chanhassen City Code are subject to changes:

  • Chapter 18 - Subdivisions, Design Standards (Streets)

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Date Meeting Type Action
July 16, 2019 Planning Commission Public Hearing
August 12, 2019 City Council