Minnewashta Parkway Improvement Project

20200608_165531 Overview

This project is being constructed in 2020 and 2021. The project limits within Chanhassen will extend from Hwy. 7 into the City of Victoria and end at West 77th Street. The roadway section between West 77th Street and Hwy. 5 was recently improved by MNDot and does not require rehabilitation. Hence, the entire street length between Hwy. 7 and Hwy. 5 will be improved by the end of the project.

The project includes replacement of water main, and new water services to the curb stop/box near the property lines. Gate valves and hydrants are also being replaced. Sanitary sewer, and stormwater piping system repairs are being made as necessary. The forcemains from the two lift stations along the corridor are also being replaced. Surface water improvements to some of the storm water ponds are also included. The retaining walls within the public right-of-way are being improved as needed. The trails and accessibility improvements are being improved. The existing curb and gutter will be reviewed during construction and spot replacements will be done as needed.  Drain tile is being added in select areas to improve the drainage of the street's support layer.

Due to the extent of the improvements and to provide reasonable access to the area, the project is divided into two phases. The first phase was completed in 2020, and the second phase will cover the northern half in 2021. The project was able to justify to MnDOT that a temporary signal light at the intersection with Hwy 5 is warranted in 2021, to assist with the additional traffic that will be directed to the intersection.  

As a result of the Arboretum Area Transportation Plan (AATP), additional traffic studies will be done as part of the Trunk Highway 5 expansion project.  See below, under Related Resources.  The next step for that project is estimated to begin in the fall of 2021, once funding in secured. 

  1. George Bender

    Assistant City Engineer
    Phone: (952) 227-1164

  2. Danielle Washburn

    Assistant Finance Director
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Construction Work Zone Safety

While construction of the project is occurring – PLEASE drive cautiously and safely if you are traveling within the work zone.  This is a requirement by law to drive responsibly due to the changing nature of the work zone and the safety of the construction workers, nearby property owners, and other people utilizing the corridor.  A speed limit is intended to be observed under ideal conditions.  A construction work zone is typically far from ideal.  Loose gravel, the presence of construction workers and equipment, excavations, and an ever-changing corridor are a few of the many concerns that require driver’s attention and caution.  Simply put – speeding and driving recklessly are unacceptable practices.

‘Road Closed to Thru Traffic’ means a driver should only be utilizing the route if they live in the area and need to access the property.  Otherwise, alternate routes should be utilized.

‘Road Closed’ means all drivers should not be utilizing this section of roadway unless they are exempt.  Exempted vehicles are generally only emergency vehicles, school buses, and vehicles of properties within the closed area.  All other vehicles should avoid this area.  If a residence is outside of the ‘Road Closed’ area – drivers should utilize alternate routes that avoid the closed area to access the property.

Project Updates

October 18, 2021

Concrete work will continue through midweek.  There is a new valley gutter at the intersection of Glendale Drive and Minnewashta Parkway.  Due to the construction going on with large trucks and the concrete being new, this valley gutter will be protected with road signage until the base layer of asphalt is installed.  Please utilize alternate routing as needed to facilitate the curing of this concrete.

Grading, compaction, and tolerancing of the remaining street will begin this week to prepare for the base course of asphalt.  The base course is scheduled to be installed later this week tentatively on Wednesday and Thursday, weather permitting. Work next week will include raising manhole castings and gate valve access points to grade before the final lift of asphalt can be paved.  Grading and paving for the remaining trail is also planned next week as well as installation of topsoil. Wear course paving is planned for the first week in November.  

MnDOT has denied the City’s final request to allow the temporary signal to remain in place.  The temporary signal is planned to be removed the second week in November.


Previously Posted Updates

Related Resources

Project Maps

Arboretum Area Transportation Plan (AATP)

Assessment Practice

The City of Chanhassen's Assessment Practice is intended to provide direction to City Staff in preparation of assessment rolls for public improvements, to ensure fair and consistent treatment of all properties within the City of Chanhassen.

Feasibility Study

To see the final report on the feasibility study for the Minnewashta Parkway Project click HERE.

Project Schedule

Project Schedule
Neighborhood Open HouseJuly 30, 2019
Accept Feasibility Report/Call Public HearingOctober 14, 2019
Public HearingOctober 28, 2019
Approve Plans & Specifications/Authorize BiddingFebruary 10, 2020
Bid OpeningMarch 6, 2020
Neighborhood MeetingMarch 24, 2020 -CANCELED DUE TO COVID-19
Assessment Hearing/Award ContractApril 27, 2020
Construction Phase 1 May 2020 - November 2020
Construction Phase 2 April 2021 - October 2021
Substantial CompletionOctober 2021

Project Notification Disclaimer
Due to the variability of construction, updates typically do not include specific details such as day-to-day scheduled activity. The City's inspector or contractor will notify occupants directly if they will be impacted by a utility service shut down (example: water shutoff), or work (such as excavation or new curb) that will impede access to the property for a period of hours or days.