Massage Therapy Business Licensing


According to Chapter 10 of the Chanhassen City Code, no person shall operate a massage therapy business, either exclusively or in connection with any other business, without being licensed as provided in this chapter.

The following people and businesses are exempt from the provisions of this chapter while performing activities covered by their professional licenses or professional affiliations: 

  1. People licensed by the State of Minnesota to practice medicine, surgery, osteopathy, chiropractic, physical therapy, occupational therapy, podiatry and nursing, and people working solely for and under the direction of those individuals;
  2. Beauty culturists and barbers licensed by the State of Minnesota who do not hold themselves out to give massages, other than that customarily given in the field and limited to the face, neck and scalp for beautification purposes only
  3. Health care facilities;
  4. Home occupations; 
  5. A person or organization providing temporary massage services such as "chair massage" is not required to obtain a massage business license

Application Procedure

City Council action is required for review and approval of a massage therapy business license prior to issuance.  City Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month, except in December when there is only one meeting held on the second Monday.

Submit the following at least 30 days prior to the desired City Council meeting date:

  • Application Form
  • Criminal History Background Investigation Form*
    *This form must be filled out by each owner/manager. This information is used to conduct criminal history, outstanding warrants, and driving record investigations on the applicant.
  • Notice for tax clearance (required by the MN Dept. of Revenue)
  • One-time license fee of $50 payable to the City of Chanhassen 
  • $250 Background Investigation Fee payable to the City of Chanhassen