Engineering Permits

Driveway Replacement
This permit is used when replacing a driveway.

This permit is used for any grading activity, hauling or depositing of material, or ground/soil disturbance in excess of 50 cubic yards or less than 1,000 cubic yards, or any amount of material that may change the natural or present neighborhood drainage patterns.

Placement of Materials or Equipment on City Streets
This permit is used to place material or equipment (i.e. dumpster) on a city street.

Road Weight Restrictions
A permit may be issued if a contractor/permittee cannot meet posted weight limits.

*Exceptions to the seasonal load limits in Chanhassen are made for emergency response vehicles, school buses and emergency utility repair vehicles/equipment. Permits may be issued to moving vans/trucks; all other vehicles must follow the posted weight limits.

Street Closure for Neighborhood Events
This permit is used to close a portion of a dead-end or cul-de-sac street for a neighborhood event.

Temporary Lifting of No Parking on City Streets
This permit allows parking in a no parking zone.

Installation of Utilities or Underground Construction
This permit is used when installing utilities and/or any underground construction (i.e. landscaping, fencing, etc.) in the City's right-of-way.

Water Use/Sprinkling
This permit allows daily watering of new sod or seed for a consecutive number of days.