Permit for Construction of Certain Structures on Outlots


Outlots are by definition unbuildable, i.e. no building may be placed on an outlot; however, subdivision approvals often specify that  parks, recreational beach lots, and other designated uses that entail buildings are to be located on outlots.


The city predominately uses outlots to preserve natural areas, create permanent open space, and reserve areas for future development; however, there are cases where the city has designated outlots to serve as parks, both city and Homeowners Association (HOA) owned, provide riparian access, for both HOA and single homes, and to serve as neighborhood gateways. In these instances where outlots are intended to serve a function outside of the preservation and reservation of space, the city’s prohibition on issuing building permits for outlots can interfere with neighborhoods and homeowners using these lots for their intended use. 

While the city’s general prohibition on building on outlots is an important tool for preserving and reserving open space, staff believes that performance standards allowing the issuance of permits consistent with the stated intent of an outlot should be adopted. This change would remove potential conflicts between the city’s intended use of an outlot and existing restrictions on issuing building permits for those lots.

The following sections of the Chanhassen City Code are subject to changes:

  • Chapter 1 - Rules of construction and definitions
  • Chapter 20 - Zoning

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September 15, 2020 Planning Commission TBD
October 12, 2020 City Council TBD