Outdoor Storage of Recreational Vehicles, Boats, and/or Trailers on Residential Properties


Residents have expressed an interest in allowing recreational vehicle, boat and/or trailer storage in driveways.


On December 14, 2020, the City Council considered the proposed amendment and moved to table the amendment with the recommendation that this item come back in a work session. 

At the April 26, 2021 work session, the City Council discussed allowing no more than one recreational vehicle, boat and/or trailer to be parked or stored in the driveway of a residential lot from April 1-November 1. 

Additional recreational vehicles, boats, and/or trailers may be kept within an enclosed structure which otherwise conforms to the zoning requirements of the district or consistent with Chanhassen City Code Section 20-909(6).

*Enforcement in some neighborhoods is through a Homeowners Association (HOA). HOA rules can be more restrictive than city rules. Enforcement on most City Code violations are done by staff site visit verification/confirmation followed by a letter to the property owner of the violation.

The following section of the Chanhassen City Code is subject to changes:

  • Chapter 20 - Zoning

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Date Meeting Type Action
November 17, 2020 Planning Commission Approved
December 14, 2020 City Council Tabled until further notice
April 26, 2021 City Council Work Session Discussed Changes
May 24, 2021 City Council Denied