Americans with Disabilities Act Transition Plan for Public Right of Way


The goal of an ADA Transition Plan is to provide public accessibility to all citizens. The city has drafted a plan to work towards ensuring all roads, sidewalks, intersections and trails are in compliance with the accessibility standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The ADA Transition Plan provides a better understanding of the City of Chanhassen's public infrastructure and identifies needs in relation to compliance with accessibility standards. This includes pedestrian ramps, sidewalks and intersection signal systems. The plan also helps the city prioritize future investments with the city to work towards full compliance.


Self-evaluation is a key aspect in regards to the transition plan. Each year, self-evaluations will be conducted and information will be added to the plan. This allows the city to identify areas in Chanhassen that need improvements to be added to future city projects. As of 2018, all pedestrian ramps have been inspected.

Another area the city strives to be compliant is with the intersection signals. Currently, all signalized intersections have push buttons to signal pedestrian crossing. Most of these push buttons are not up to current standards. Standards now require stand-alone push buttons that create vibrations and sounds when it is safe to cross the intersection. The city is striving to upgrade all intersections to meet this new safety standard.

For a comprehensive overview of the 2018 Self-Evaluation findings, refer to Appendix A in city's Transition Plan.

Grievance Process

Citizens have the right to file a grievance with the city. To file a formal report, refer to Appendix D of the ADA Transition Plan. Complete the form and submit it to the Engineering Department at City Hall. The ADA Coordinator contact information is listed in the transition plan under Appendix E.

ADA Grievance Form