Required Number of Parking Spaces for a Shopping Centers/Multi-Tenant Buildings


Parking standards for shopping centers and multi-tenant buildings.


The City Code defines a shopping center as an integrated group of commercial establishments planned, developed and managed as a unit, with off-street parking facilities provided on site.

On December 1, 2015, parking standards for shopping centers were amended. At that time, the ratio was limited to one parking space per 200 square feet. As parcels began to redevelop, staff began receiving complaints expressing lack of available parking spaces. Staff surveyed the uses within thee shopping centers and discovered that the issue stemmed from multiple restaurants occupying these buildings. Standalone restaurants are required to provide one parking space per 60 square feet. The ordinance was amended to require additional parking based on the percentage of the building occupied by restaurants. This amendment has overcompensated for the shortage by almost quadrupling the total number of required spaces. Staff is recommending that this number of adjusted to require one parking space per 100 square feet if restaurants occupy more than 25% of a shopping center.


A recommendation to the City Council will be made to approve amending Section 20-1124 v. concerning shopping center parking standards to adjust the number of required parking spaces.

The following Chanhassen City Code is subject to changes:

  • Chapter 20, Zoning - Section 20-1124 - Required number of on-site parking spaces - Subsection v.

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Date Meeting Type Action
May 18, 2021 Planning Commission Discussion Item
May 24, 2021 City Council Approved