2022 Parks Referendum

Task Force 

The referendum task force will be comprised of elected officials, city commissioners, at-large residents, and liaisons from athletic associations. The task force will be instrumental in developing scope, community outreach, and advocacy for the Referendum.

The Task Force will follow these Guiding Principles:

  • Stewardship  Awareness of natural resources
  • Connectivity – Parks & trail network connects residents to with each other and the outdoors
  • Engagement – Welcomes all to lead active lifestyles, partnerships with community groups, businesses 
  • Adaptable – Responds to new needs delivering quality programs, facilities & services

Applications are now closed. The City Council will make appointments to the Task Force on March 21, 2022.  


Referendum question(s) will appear on the November 8, 2022, Election Day ballot for all Chanhassen voters to consider.

What Is Being Considered

In 2017, the City of Chanhassen conducted a year-long engagement process to create a Comprehensive Park Plan. That plan identified key wants and needs along with estimated costs. The plan will be a guiding tool for the task force to establish referendum priorities.

Since the last park referendum, our Chanhassen population has grown by 67% (8,700) residents. New amenities and improvements are necessary to continue meeting the recreational, physical, and leisure-time needs of our growing community.

Financial Investment

Information on the financial aspects of the Referendum will be available as the Task Force and City Council further define the scope of the Referendum, with detailed information available by July 2022.   

History of Chanhassen Parks

Chanhassen’s parks and recreation system results from more than 50 years of planning and investment. In addition to adding parks and trails to the system in conjunction with development, the community has supported major park improvement initiatives throughout the years. The three successful major bond referendums have allowed for significant parks and recreation improvements over the system's history. The first bond referendum for parks was passed in 1969, resulting in the acquisition of Lake Ann Park, the beginning of the neighborhood park system, and the preservation of community character enjoyed by residents to this day. In 1988, the second bond referendum funded phase two of Lake Ann Park and the purchase of parkland (the future BandimerePark) in the southern half of the city. The third Referendum passed in 1997, resulting in improvements in 18 parks system-wide; the construction of Bandimere Park; the reconstruction of City Center Park; the preservation of over 40 acres of open space; and 7 miles of new community trails.

Overview of Chanhassen Parks and Recreation System 

  • 1,000 acres of city-owned parks, preserves, and open space
  • Chanhassen Rec Center
  • 30 community & neighborhood parks
  • 14 preserves & 1 special use park
  • 80 miles of trails
  • 27 playground areas

Stay Informed

  1. Jerry Ruegemer

    Parks & Recreation Director