Personal Training



If you need help setting fitness goals, developing an aerobic/strength training program geared to meet individual needs, or just stuck in a rut--you may need to get started on a fitness routine. Working with a certified personal training can help you develop a fitness regimen that fits into your busy lifestyle. Here are the programs we offer:

Getting Started

This three-part session will help you begin a new program or improve your current fitness level. The first hour is a complete fitness evaluation including a detailed health history, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, upper body endurance, upper and lower body strength, and core endurance. During the second and third session, we'll review your results and go through the fitness program. 


Geared for the individual looking to receive ongoing training with a certified trainer. This program includes a complete body workout appropriate to meet your established fitness goals on consecutive sessions.

 Training Session Packages
 Getting Started - 3 sessions $130
 One-on-One - 5 sessions $195
 One-on-One - 10 sessions $380
 One-on-One - 15 sessions $540
 One-on-One - 20 sessions $700

Our Trainers

Juli Al-Hilwani:

Juli is an ACE certified personal trainer who believes that anyone can improve their fitness level no matter what their physical condition is. Her goal is to motivate, educate and support clients with functional workouts that complement their lifestyle.

Greg Bagley:

Greg has been a physical education teacher for Eastern Carver County Schools since 1987 and a Chaska High School football coach for 12 years. Greg’s background is in health and fitness, athletic training, and strength training. He has been helping clients achieve results at the Chan Rec Center for over 10 years.

For more information about the personal training program, call 952-227-1400.