Skate Park

Skate Park Steps


The Chanhassen Skate Park was installed in September of 1999. The park is located between city hall and the downtown fire station. A new hockey / in-line skating rink is also located on this site. Skateboards, bicycles, and in-line skates are welcome at this facility.

Four years of effort were invested in the construction of the skate park. Young people from the community met with the City Council and the Park and Recreation Commission pushing for the project. The 1999 Park and Recreation Department budget allocated $15,000 for the park. A second investment of $15,000 was made in the summer of 2000 and a third addition was added in 2003.

Park Amenities

Apparatus at the city's facility includes a half pipe mini ramp with bank and quarter, half pyramid with sub box, wedge, two quarter pipes, hotbox with grind rail, Huges Box, 24-foot kinked grind rail and spine. The maximum height of all equipment is four feet.

Park Rules

Current hours of operation are 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. The following rules apply to all users of the facility.
  • Do not proceed down a ramp until clear of other skaters.
  • No glass containers, food or beverage allowed on the skating surface. Spills jeopardize the skaters.
  • No littering. Please use the provided trash cans.
  • No loud music or disorderly behavior will be permitted at this facility.
  • No other items such as benches, tables, wood materials or other objects used as ramps or jumps are allowed in the skate park facility.
  • No pets are allowed in the skate park area.
  • Skateboards, bicycles, and in-line skate welcome.
  • Spectators are welcome but must stay clear of ramps and apparatus.
A covered shelter is also available and an emergency phone is located at the front of the fire station. Portable restrooms are available just north of the skate park. And restaurants and fast food are within walking distance.