West Water Treatment Plant


The second of Chanhassen’s two water treatment plants is complete and operational. The West Water Treatment Plant is located at the corner of Lake Harrison Road and Galpin Boulevard. This plant services the High Zone Pressure Area (see map) and was sized for the ultimate buildout of the community. Both of the city's water treatment plants remove troublesome iron and manganese that are naturally occurring constituents of deep well water. The most common result of these elements is brown or rusty colored water.
Check Your Water Softener

Residents in the High Zone that are now receiving water from the new plant may notice some subtle changes in water aesthetics in the weeks to come. As the treated water works its way through the High Zone distribution system, some residents may notice an increased chlorine presence. Some attention should also be given to your water softener setting. The groundwater in Chanhassen contains approximately 21 grains per gallon of hardness, however, some softeners may have been set significantly higher to deal with iron and manganese that are no longer present. The water treatment plant will allow your water softener to have an easier time treating the hardness, so a setting of more than 21 grains per gallon is probably not necessary.

If you have any questions about your home's water softner setting, please call the city's Public Works Department at 952-227-1300.
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Project Notifications Disclaimer
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