Dead Animal Information

On a Roadway

  • If the animal is on a City Street, call Public Works at 952-227-1300.
  • If the animal is on a County Road, call Carver County Public Works at 952-466-5200.
  • If the animal is on a State Highway, call the Minnesota Department of Transportation Dispatch at 651-234-7110.

On Private Property

If the animal is on private property, it is the responsibility of the homeowner(s) to have it removed. Neither the City of Chanhassen nor the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) remove dead animals from private property. The DNR suggests the following:
  • The homeowner should drag the dead animal off to an area of the yard and let it decompose naturally. This will take a couple of weeks.
  • The homeowner could check with their garbage hauler. Some companies will take the dead animal. Residents should verify this with their company and get the specific information if this service is provided.

Removal Services

There are many local companies that provide wild animal control services within the City. Search the internet or phone book for 'Pest Control' or 'Wildlife Control Services' to find a complete listing of these companies.