Firefighter Training


The Chanhassen Fire Department has an aggressive training program. We train our firefighters to exceed the current NFPA, OSHA, and industry standards. How we train is how we will perform. Our overall goal is to provide the most efficient and safest fire ground that is possible.

Success comes from the firefighters who take part in the training provided to them.


Our members are committed to providing the best service we can in order to achieve our mission and vision. We are committed to training because it is the backbone of the organization.


Training builds competence in our fire ground operations. By setting goals for the firefighters to achieve at each training session, our firefighters build their competence to a specific task. Also, at the same time, they build their confidence through achievement. Our most important focus in our training program is safety.


Once the firefighter has trained to the specified level, we keep their skills sharp through continual refresher trainings. Our overall goal is to perform the tasks the same way each time we are called for service