Rain Barrel & Compost Bin Sale

The Recycling Association of Minnesota, in partnership with Carver County, is offering quality rain barrels and compost bins made from 100% recycled materials at a reduced price. 

This year, RecycleCarver - Carver County Environmental Services and The Carver County Water Management Organization are working together to provide an opportunity for Carver County residents to purchase these items at a discounted price. Place a pre-order now and use code CARVER20 to receive a $20 discount. One compost bin and one rain barrel discount available per household while supplies last.
Visit online to place your pre-order. Make sure to select the Carver County logo and The Environmental Center as your pickup location.

A few benefits to using rain barrels and compost bins at home:  
  • When you use a rain barrel, you will conserve water by using the rain water rather than from the spigot (which you pay for). 
  • It can also help with storm water management on your property in conjunction with your neighbor! 
  • It can also reduce storm water runoff, which can be a major pollution contributor to waterways.  
  • By using a compost bin you can reduce more than 25% of your waste from going to a landfill which saves you money