Can I win more than one prize?
You may win a door prize, but you may ONLY win one of the top 50 fish prizes. (Once you have recorded a fish, your name will be placed on the board in its corresponding position. If you catch a larger fish, we will replace your previous fish with the larger fish, in its corresponding position.)

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1. Where can I get tickets?
2. How much are the tickets?
3. Are holes pre-drilled?
4. Can I bring a fish house?
5. Can I bring a cooler or food?
6. How long is the event?
7. Is there bait for sale?
8. Are there fish prizes?
9. May I keep my fish?
10. Do I need to be present to win prizes?
11. Can I win more than one prize?
12. Will beer be sold on the ice this year?
13. Is there a place I can warm up?
14. Are tip-ups allowed?
15. Are there door prizes?