How will prizes be awarded?

$4,500 in fishing prizes will be awarded in the form of "longest fish" prizes; all "longest fish" prizes are determined by length in inches. In the event of a tie in length, the contestant with the first entry wins the higher number prize, and the contestant with the second entry wins the lower number prize. Time of entry is based on when the submission is received by the contest administrators.

You must measure and show your fish measurement accurately to have an eligible submission. All final decisions on fish length and entry eligibility will be made by contest administrators. Cheating will not be tolerated. 

Participants may purchase either 1 or 2 tickets, and submit exactly one fish per ticket they hold. You may enter a fish for both tickets, but only 1 "longest fish" prize will be awarded per person.

If a participant purchases 2 fishing tickets, separate fish must be caught and submitted for each ticket. 

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