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National Night Out Neighborhood Block Party Registration Form

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  2. National Night Out 2018

    Chanhassen residents are invited to join in the National Night Out celebration on Tuesday, August 7. National Night Out is meant to be a festive, fun night out with the neighborhood that also emphasizes public safety. Keeping Chanhassen safe is a joint effort between citizens and those who serve the city. This event supports that partnership by reminding residents their involvement in crime prevention efforts is vital in helping to maintain safety in Chanhassen.

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  4. Block Party Visit Request

    Organizers can request visits from the Chanhassen Fire Department, Carver County Sheriff’s Office, and the Carver County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse. Every effort will be made to visit as many parties as possible during their scheduled time, but visits cannot be scheduled or guaranteed. In order to request a visit parties must be registered by July 30. Parties may still register after that time, but visit requests will no longer be taken.

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  6. i.e. no sirens, etc.

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    Contact Chelsea Petersen at 952-227-1118 or by email at

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