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Bandimere Park Expansion
The original 32 acres of property for Bandimere Community Park was acquired in 1988 after a park improvement referendum in which two of four questions passed. Nine years later, another park referendum was approved authorizing the initial construction of the park. Most recently, another 4.5 acres has been added to the park along with a new main park entrance being constructed. 

At the time when Bandimere Community Park was first developed, a well-rounded park master plan including tennis courts, hockey/ice skating facilities, and ball fields was proposed. However, an overriding desire to build the maximum number of ball fields that the site could accommodate pushed aside the desires to include skating, hockey and tennis in the original construction plan. With the most recent acquisition of the final pieces of open land adjacent to the park, the community can again realize the opportunity to fulfill the desires for expanded park attractions. This current master planning process is intended to establish the blueprint for final improvements to the park. Once the master plan is established and approved by the City Council, discussions centered on establishing a phased construction timeline and budgeting requirements can proceed.   

Master Planning Process Timeline
2012 The City acquires two parcels adjacent to Bandimere Community Park from Mark & Kari Nettesheim totaling 4.5 acres.
2013 Planning dollars are allocated in the 2014 Park & Trail Acquisition and Development CIP to establish a Bandimere Park expansion plan.
January 2014 The city retains WSB & Associates to assist with the expansion master planning.
March 2014 The Park and Recreation Commission holds a Bandimere Park expansion work session with Rich Koechlein of WSB & Associates and city staff.
March/April 2014 WSB & Associates creates a concept park expansion plan based on Park and Recreation Commission and staff input.
April 2014 The Park & Recreation Commission hosts public open house to discuss planning for Bandimere Community Park Expansion.
May 2014 The Park & Recreation Commission conducts a final review of the proposed expansion plan, hears additional public comments and makes formal recommendation to City Council to accept proposed expansion plans.
June 2014 Bandimere Park expansion plan presented to City Council for discussion.
July 2014 Bandimere Park expansion plan presented to City Council for approval.

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