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Archery Range
The City of Chanhassen has temporarily closed the Lake Susan Archery Range to allow for review and public comment concerning the safe operation of the facility due to the discovery of arrows in adjoining neighborhoods. On August 23, 2016, the Park and Recreation Commission discussed the recommendation to permanently close the archery range: 

Commissioner Carron Moved:
That the Commission ask staff to provide the cost and feasibility of a temporary structure to encompass the shooting range firing line and any additional safety measures that we can consider at our next commission meeting and that the temporary closure of the range be maintained at this time. 

Commission Boettcher Seconded the Motion:
The motion passed on a 5 to 2 vote with Commissioners Thunberg, Boettcher, Dale, Carron, and Scharfenberg voting in favor and Commissioners Hougham and Kelly voting against the motion. 

For more information, please refer to the June 29, 2016 Press Release. Questions or comments in this regard can be directed to Todd Hoffman, Park and Recreation Director at


The City of Chanhassen offers a free archery range open to the public at Lake Susan Park (903 Lake Drive East
). Archers are welcome to use the range during normal daily park hours from 6am-10pm. The range offers four shooting lanes for archery enthusiasts: two 20-yard, one 30-yard, and one 40-yard targets to choose from. Archers are asked to abide to the following rules of the range listed below. 

archery Range