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Parks & Recreation System Plan
Social Pinpoint Map - HAS YOUR VOICE BEEN HEARD?
This map provides an interactive version of the initiatives proposed in the draft System Plan, where you will be able to click through the different aspects of the proposed plan and provide general comments on each category, or use thumbs up and thumbs down icons to comment in detail on the map itself. 

Social Pinpoint Map

Park and Recreation System Plan Open House
To ensure our plan includes actions that meet present and future community needs, we need to hear from you! At this open house, you will be able to review the system plan's draft recommendations, which were established based on community input, needs assessments, peer community and national standards analysis, review of the previous Comprehensive Plan, Advisory Committee discussions, and meetings with city staff. 

Open House

Thursday, April 6
Chanhassen Recreation Center, 2310 Coulter Blvd.

The City of Chanhassen is in the process of planning for the future of its park and recreation system. The process will last approximately one year and will engage the community at various points during the project. 

This past fall, the City of Chanhassen conducted community engagement efforts in order to ensure the System Plan is reflective of community needs and desires. This phase of engagement included in-person stakeholder meetings and pop-up meetings, as well as four online engagement exercises including a general community questionnaire, questionnaires geared toward the recreation and senior centers, and an interactive software that allowed users to leave comments directly on a map. 

A summary of findings from each of these engagement techniques can be found in the links below. Check back for additional engagement opportunities in Spring 2017! 

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February 13, 2017 City Council Presentation 
Summary of Online Engagement Responses
Community Engagement Appendix Chapter

What is a Park System Plan?
  • A document that serves as a comprehensive guide to park employees and City decision makers
  • It contains a long-range (10-25 years) vision and guide for parks, recreation, natural areas, and trails
  • Directs City leaders in future decisions about park and recreation investments
  • Includes actions to ensure the parks and recreation system meets community needs now and in the future
  • Provides guidance on planning for maintenance and equipment replacement

What does the Chanhassen Park & Recreation Department do?
  • Recommends funding direction and facility development to the Parks Commission, which makes the ultimate decisions
  • 11 full time employees and several seasonal and part-time employees work to provide facilities, maintain parks and trails, and run recreation programs and community-wide events
  • Operates the Chanhassen Recreation Center
  • Builds new parks and trails
  • Maintains natural open space in the community

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Parks & Recreation Director

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