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Community Gardens
2015 General Registration for the Olson Community Gardens began Feb. 2, 2015.
All plots in the garden have been reserved.  To be placed on the waiting list for a plot, contact Jill Sinclair.

The Olson Community Garden site is located at the corner of Kerber Boulevard and Santa Vera Drive.  The gardens consist of rentable plots and a community orchard.  Information on the plots is given below.  The orchard is along Santa Vera Drive and includes apple and cherry trees along with blueberry and raspberry plants.  The orchard was planted in 2014. The only harvestable fruit in 2015 will be raspberries.  The public is welcome to the fruit when it becomes ripe in the summer. 
Garden plots:
  • Gardens are reserved on a first-registered/first-served basis.
  • Individual garden plots are generally 10 feet by 10 feet, although there are a few different sizes as shown on the map.
  • You may request specific plots, but remember that since it is a first-come/first-served program you may not get your first choice.
  • Reserving more than one garden is permissible, but if you do, you must still leave the required walkway between each 4-square garden. Obstructions in walkways will be removed.
  • The gardens are tilled, fertilized, and staked out in the spring. Weather permitting, they should be ready by mid-May.
  • You are responsible for planting, weeding, and best of all, harvesting!
  • Two water sources are available on site. The locations are shown on the map.
  • All gardeners are required to keep their plots as disease-free and weed-free as possible. If a garden is not maintained, a warning will be given. If conditions do not improve the garden will be forfeited. No pesticides other than insecticidal soap are allowed in the gardens.
  • The gardens must be cleared by the end of October.
  • All levels of gardeners are welcome.

Registration is by mail only. No phone or walk-in registrations will be accepted.

  • Registration begins January 5, 2015 for previous renters; February 2, 2015 for the general public (registrations must be postmarked on or after 1/31/15).
  • Up to two (2) garden plots may be reserved.
  • Registration fee is $25 for each garden plot. It is used to recoup the City’s maintenance expense for the garden. No refunds will be given.
  • An informational meeting will be held approximately three weeks before the opening date and you will receive written notification by mail.
  • When your payment is received, the city will mail you a receipt that will indicate where your garden is located.
  • A map showing the reserved gardens will also be posted at the site during the gardening season.

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