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Ice Skating Rinks
Press Release - December 19, 2014
Unusual December weather conditions have made the City of Chanhassen’s outdoor skating rinks unavailable for use. Cold November temperatures allowed flooding crews to get an early start; however, the recent warm spell and overall above-normal temperatures have melted the ice and removed most of the frost from the ground. Colder temperatures are needed to again form six inches to a foot of ground frost before maintenance crews can resume flooding rinks. The extended forecast predicts warmer temperatures followed by a cold snap after Christmas. When conditions permit, City crews will work overnight flooding shifts and throughout the day to open the rinks. For up-to-date rink information, please call the Skating Rink Hotline at 952-227-1411.

Rink Flooding Policy
Outdoor skating rinks are flooded and open to the public from approximately December 13 through March 1 (weather permitting). In recent years, weather has not always cooperated when it comes to flooding skating rinks. As a result, the following is the City of Chanhassen's policy to determine calendar dates of when it is and isn't appropriate to flood rinks: If skating rinks can be opened on January 10 or before, all rinks will be flooded. The season will be cancelled if rinks are not opened by January 11.

Rink & Warming House Locations
Pleasure Rinks
Chanhassen Rec Center, 2310 Coulter Blvd.
City Center Park, 7700 Market Boulevard
No. Lotus Lake Park, 295 Pleasant View Rd,
Roundhouse Park, 3950 Kings Road
Hockey Rinks
Chanhassen Rec Center, 2310 Coulter Blvd.
City Center Park, 7700 Market Boulevard
No. Lotus Lake Park, 295 Pleasant View Rd,

Map to all rinks.

Warming House Hours
Chanhassen Recreation Center, City
Center Park & North Lotus Lake Park

 Roundhouse Park

 Weekdays  4 pm - 9 pm    Weekdays  Closed
 Saturdays  10 am - 9 pm    Saturdays  12 pm - 6 pm
 Sundays  1 pm - 7 pm    Sundays  1 pm - 7 pm
 Non-School Days    Non-School Days
 December 23  10 am - 9 pm    December 23  12 pm - 6 pm
 December 24  10 am - 3 pm    December 24  10 am - 3 pm
 December 25  Closed    December 25  Closed
 December 26-30  10 am - 9 pm    December 26-30  12 pm - 6 pm
 December 31  10 am - 4 pm    December 31  10 am - 4 pm
 January 1  10 am - 9 pm    January 1  12 pm - 6 pm
 January 19  10 am - 9 pm    January 19  12 pm - 6 pm
 February 16  10 am - 9 pm    February 16  12 pm - 6 pm

Rink Closures
The following guidelines will be used to determine outdoor rink closures:
  • When temperatures soften the ice.
  • When actual or windchill temperatures reach -15 degrees or colder.
  • If more than 1 inch of snow accumulates on the ice when maintenance crews are not available.

For up-to-date information on rink closures, call the Weather Hotline at 952-227-1411.

Rink Attendants Wanted!
The Park & Recreation department is accepting applications for part-time seasonal rink attendants.  To apply, visit 

Qualifications: Must be at least 16 years of age and possess strong interpersonal skills.  Hours vary and may include evenings, weekends and non-school days.  Starting Salary: $8.00/hour

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Meghan Gess
Recreation Supervisor

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Weather Hotline
Ph: (952) 227-1411