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Diseased Trees
Two well-known diseases continue to be a threat in the City.  Dutch elm disease and Oak wilt are still infecting trees throughout the city.

Dutch Elm Disease
Dutch Elm Disease
Dutch elm disease is a very common problem throughout the city each year. Tell-tale signs of the disease include “flagging,” where an entire branch of leaves will turn yellow and then brown creating a sort of “warning flag” in the tree canopy.

According to city ordinance, the property owner must remove infected trees within 20 days of notification by the city. The disease can be controlled through proper sanitation measures.

Oak Wilt
Oak Wilt
While not common or prevalent in Chanhassen, oak wilt has been diagnosed on several trees in various locations. Watch your oaks each summer for branches full of dead, brown leaves and/or a rapid decline in health. 

The city provides free diagnosis of these diseases. If you suspect your elm or oak may be infected, contact Environmental Resource Specialist Jill Sinclair.

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