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Medallion Hunt
The Medallion has been FOUND!!!
Kevin and Jill McShane of Chanhassen found the medallion after the fifth clue.  They receive a prize pack valued at $500. The Medallion Hunt was sponsored by the City of Chanhassen and the Friends of the Chanhassen Library.

Listed below are all six clues and their meanings.

Clue #1

We are at it again
Hope you are all set.
If you don your warm clothes  
You'll have no regrets.

The medallion is hidden outside.

Clue #2
Out you go,
You wonder why,
Your focus is great
As you search by and by.

The medallion is hidden in the center (focus) of Chanhassen.

Clue #3
The strength of my location 
Has beautiful flight.
However, in the cold
They are out of sight.

The medallion is hidden off of Powers Boulevard (strength). The surrounding streets are all named after birds (beautiful flight), of which Flamingo is a bird that does not live in the cold (out of sight).

Clue #4
Magellan is near
Let's give a cheer
You can have many fears
But warnings are near

The Magellan Pipeline runs through the park. There are warning signs posted nearby.

Clue #5
My protectors have cousins
Who not long after presents
Are tossed to the curb
Or end up in basements.

The medallion is hidden in a tree (protector) who has cousins (Christmas Trees) that are tossed to the curb (live trees) or end up in basements (artificial trees).

Clue #6
Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a ride together.
Jack and Jill went down the hill  
Enjoying the white weather. 

The medallion is hidden near a sledding hill.