Galpin Boulevard Improvement Project

Hwy 117 Map

  1. George Bender

    Assistant City Engineer
    Phone: (952) 227-1164

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Galpin Boulevard will be improved between Trunk Highway 5 and the northern limits of the City of Chanhassen. Although, currently a county road (CR 117), the jurisdiction of the road will be passed from Carver County to the City of Chanhassen with the project. Once the project is completed, all routine and future maintenance of the roadway corridor will be the responsibility of the City. 

A preliminary design was performed in 2018 which resulted in the development of a preferred project layout. The general scope is a full roadway reconstruction including adding turn lanes, intersection improvements, soil corrections, adding curb/gutter, stormwater management, public sewer/water, landscaping and lighting. Multi-use trails will be reconstructed and extended north to the City limits. 

Based on the ultimate utility improvement scope, the construction may have to occur over two seasons, meaning the project has the potential to be built in phases, 2023 and 2024. This has not been fully vetted and will be one of the initial critical design elements.

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Project Schedule

Dates are Tentative and Subject to Change                            Check Back for Updates
Preliminary DesignCompleted in 2018
Preliminary Design ReviewMarch 2022 - June 2022
Final DesignJune 2022 - January 2023
BiddingFebruary 2023
Begin ConstructionSpring 2023

Projects Notification Disclaimer
Due to the variability of construction, updates typically do not include specific details such as day-to-day scheduled activity. The City's inspector or contractor will notify occupants directly if they will be impacted by a utility service shut down (example: water shutoff), or work (such as excavation or new curb) that will impede access to the property for a period of hours or days.