Floodplain Protection Ordinance 636


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is in the process of updating Carver County’s Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs). As part of this update, cities are required to update their floodplain ordinances and adopt the new maps by December 21, 2018 or lose their ability to participate in the National Flood Insurance Program. 

  • Existing maps date back to 1979.
    • New/better data has led to a more accurate depiction of the 1% annual chance flood area.
  • Any property within the 1% annual chance flood area with a federally backed mortgage must have flood insurance.

  • Staff has identified 20-30 homes that may have been added to or removed from the 1% annual chance flood area.
    • These homeowners will likely be required to purchase flood insurance.
    • Staff will send letters informing these homeowners of this change and the right to appeal.
    • Staff will work with homeowners interested in appealing to help them navigate the appeal process.
    • It is possible that other homes not identified by staff may be impacted.
  • The existing flood protection ordinance must be updated for the city to remain in the National Flood Insurance Program.
    • Must reference/incorporate new maps.
    • The model ordinance will be modified to meet the city's needs.
    • Must contain certain minimum provisions.
           >  The existing ordinance differs significantly from the model ordinance due to a 1986 amendment.


Date Meeting Type Action
October 16, 2018 Planning Commission Work Session No Action Taken
November 20, 2018 Planning Commission Public Hearing Approved
December 10, 2018 City Council Approved

Need More Information?

Below are lists of resources to help identify if you may be impacted by the updated Flood Insurance Rate Maps.