Economic Development Commission


The Economic Development Commission (EDC) is an advisory body to the City Council and the Economic Development Authority charged with the responsibility of researching, reviewing, and making recommendations on issues related to economic development. The EDC will review ways in which the city can expand existing businesses, attract desirable new business, and revitalize existing businesses and the community as a whole.


As an advisory commission to the City Council, the EDC is responsible for developing a strategic plan for economic development for the city, including long-range strategies for economic development consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. The commissioners will recommend economic development policies and programs to the City Council and work with the City Council and staff to promote the city, work to retain businesses in the community, attract economic growth and development, and advocate as well as be liaisons for all challenges that face the businesses in the City of Chanhassen.  The EDC will work to compliment the city’s long-term planning and financial documents including the Comprehensive Plan and Downtown Vision Plan. 
Each year, the EDC will produce an annual report for the City Council detailing the community development activities of the past year. The report also provides a summary of residential and commercial construction activities and outlines the progress that has been made toward achieving the goals of all strategic plans. 


Some of the responsibilities the EDC would be tasked with include: 
  • Review of zoning ordinance changes that could affect businesses (commercial, industrial, and mixed use districts) 
  • Review of Fee policies as they relate to businesses 
  • Review of the Comprehensive Plan affecting economic development and commercial/industrial land uses 
  • Consider new or revised approaches to the City’s Economic Development policy 
  • Consider TIF and Tax Abatement Applications and consideration of new TIF districts 
  • Review Grant Applications and provide Support for businesses applying for CDA or other grants 


The EDC consists of five members which are a combination of residents and representatives of the business community.  Members of the commission are appointed by the city council for staggered three-year terms expiring on March 31 of each year.    


  • Eric Anderson, Chair
  • David Kressler, Vice Chair
  • Duke Zurek
  • Chris Freeman
  • Stacy Goff


  • 7:00 pm
  • Second Tuesday of each month
  • City Council Chambers at city hall
  • All Economic Development Commission meetings are open to the public