Traffic Safety Committee

TrafficSafetyCommitteeVectorLogoThe Traffic Safety Committee (TSC) was formed in 2020 and comprises a broad spectrum of City offices such as Engineering, Carver County Sheriff, Community Safety Officers, Planning and Public Works.  The TSC meets monthly to review and evaluate potential traffic safety issues within the City.  All traffic safety concerns reported to the City will be documented and brought before the Traffic Safety Committee.

The general scope of the TSC is as follows:

Study and Investigate:  The TSC may recommend to the appropriate City department traffic studies to address resident concerns including speeding, traffic controls, traffic calming, crosswalks, parking, and traffic safety hazards along with areas identified as current or potential future safety issues.

Recommend and Implement:  The TSC may recommend the installation of traffic control devices and other improvements that are determined to be warranted based on the findings of studies and/or adequate justification to enhance and promote traffic safety within the City's right-of-ways.

Development and Management:  The TSC may develop recommendations for guidelines and programs to promote traffic safety and the proper management of City roads and right-of-ways.

Education:  The TSC may distribute guidelines, policies, and programs regarding traffic, transportation planning, and best practices to promote safety and the well-being of the Chanhassen community through design and implementation of public education and outreach programs.  Members of the TSC themselves, routinely engage in continuing education related to traffic safety.  

If you have a traffic concern do not hesitate to report the concern here or call the Engineering Department at 952-227-1160.

Traffic Safety Committee Agendas & Minutes

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