Mobile Food Vending (Food Trucks)


The city is considering permitting food trucks in all zoning districts.

Requests have been received that the city consider permitting food trucks. Currently, under a special event permit, food trucks are permitted for a limited number of days. Food trucks would be permitted in all zoning districts with standards in the proposed draft ordinance. Special event permits will remain the same, but the food truck ordinance will allow food trucks more opportunities to be in the city. 


City Code currently regulates mobile food vendors:

Prohibits sales from public streets.

Section 10-148 (e)

Peddlers, such as ice cream sales, that sell from a motor vehicle where the customer comes to the motor vehicle to make a purchase may not solicit sales on public or private streets, roads or highways, or any other roadways.

City Code allows food trucks in conjunction with a temporary, seasonal or special event:

Section 20-964  Temporary outdoor events, sidewalk sales, seasonal sales and special events permits food trucks in conjunction with a Temporary Outdoor Event, which is limited to 15 days per year, a Seasonal Sales permit, limited to a specific season with a maximum duration of 120 days and three sales per year per site (such as pumpkin sales, farmers markets, garden centers), and Special Events, which have a seven-day limit.

All other food truck activity is prohibited in the city.

The following Chanhassen City Code is subject to changes:

  • Chapter 20, Zoning - Add Section 20-972 concerning Mobile Food Vending (Food Trucks)

Economic Development Commission Discussion

Meeting Minutes dated May 11, 2021

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Date Meeting Type Action
June 1, 2021 Planning Commission Approved
June 14, 2021 City Council TBD