Strategic Plan


Chanhassen is a safe, welcoming community with engaged residents, abundant natural amenities and vibrant businesses, supported by valued services that make this a community for life.


Our mission is to serve the public. We do this through the delivery of reliable, cost-effective services designed to provide a safe, sustainable community.



We seek to be innovative, collaborative problem solvers to provide responsive, quality services.


We believe in people and we strive to treat them with dignity in an equitable and inclusive manner.


We strive to manage transparently the City’s financial investments to provide essential services and protect its valuable assets and natural resources.


We seek to provide opportunities for residents to connect with the community, each other and the natural environment.

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The City of Chanhassen Strategic Plan consists of five strategic priorities — the issues of greatest importance to the City of Chanhassen over the next three years. Associated with each priority is a set of desired outcomes, key outcome indicators, and performance targets, describing expected results and how the results will be measured. The plan also includes strategic initiatives that will be undertaken to achieve the targeted outcomes.

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1. FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY2021-2024 City of Chanhassen Strategic Plan Cover Page Only Opens in new window

  • Financial stability in all funds
  • Financial policies guide decision making
  • Financial systems produce timely, accurate and meaningful financial information

2. Asset Management

  • Effective utilization and protection of assets
  • Ability to pay for critical assets
  • Assets adequate to support adopted levels of service

3. Development & Redevelopment

  • Diversity in new development
  • Redevelopment consistent with our vision
  • New innovative places and spaces

4. Operational Excellence

  • Satisfied workforce
  • A competent workforce
  • Improved operational effectiveness, including through the use of technology and innovation

5. Communications

  • Improved understanding of city operations
  • Improved internal communication
  • Improved communication with outside organizations