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2021 City Council

Chanhassen City Council members from left to right: Council member Jerry McDonald, Council member Dan Campion, Mayor Elise Ryan, Council member Haley Schubert, and Council member Lucy Rehm.


The City of Chanhassen operates under the "Optional Plan B" form of government as authorized by Minnesota state statutes. Under this plan, the elected City Council consists of a mayor and four council members. Members are elected at-large and serve 4-year terms on a staggered schedule. Elections are held in even-numbered years and coincide with the general election conducted in November.


The City Council is the legislative and policy-making body for the city. Their duties include: The City Council is dedicated to long-term planning and annually establishes Key Financial Strategies. These goals and strategies cover a broad spectrum and are items the Council feels need the most attention over the coming year. The Council also establishes Legislative Priorities to communicate with our legislators about issues and concerns that affect Chanhassen.

The City Manager appoints all other city staff.



  • Elise Ryan, Mayor
  • Dan Campion
  • Lucy Rehm
  • Haley Schubert
  • Jerry McDonald
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All City Council meetings are open to the public and are broadcast live on Cable Channel 8 and on the city's website.


  • Meeting videos from July 2016 and later are available on the city's website.
  • Meeting videos from October 2012 to June 2016 are available on the the City's YouTube channel.
  • Copies of meeting videos prior to October 2012 can be requested on DVD by contacting Matt Unmacht at (952) 227-1118.