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2021-2022 Rink Season

Warming houses are closed for the 2021-2022 season as of Tuesday, March 1. Thank you for a great season!

Rink & Warming House Locations

Check out the table below or learn more with our Rink location map.

Park Address Family Rinks Hockey Rinks* Warming House
City Center Park 7700 Market Blvd. 1 1 Yes
Chanhassen Recreation Center 2310 Coulter Blvd. 1 2 Yes
North Lotus Lake Park 295 Pleasant View Rd.  1 1 Yes
Bandimere Park 9405 Great Plains Blvd. 1 1 Yes
Roundhouse Park 3950 Kings Rd. 1 None Yes
(abbreviated hours)
Pioneer Pass Park 9630 Bluff Creek Dr. 1 None No

*Local hockey associations utilize 1 hockey rink at each location for team hockey practices. Hockey rinks are utilized by associations on Monday – Thursday evenings from 5:30pm-7:30pm at Bandimere Park, North Lotus Lake Park, and City Center Park & 5pm-9pm at the Chanhassen Recreation Center.

Rink & Warming House Hours

Rink hours of operation
Outdoor skating rinks are open during park hours, 6am-10pm daily. See below for warming house hours of operation.

Warming house hours of operation

Park Address M-F Saturday Sunday District 112 no-school days Dec. 24 & Dec. 31 Dec. 25
City Center Park 7700 Market Blvd.  4-9pm 10am-9pm 1-7pm 10am-9pm 10am-3pm CLOSED
Chanhassen Recreation Center 2310 Coulter Blvd.  4-9pm 10am-9pm 1-7pm 10am-9pm 10am-3pm CLOSED
North Lotus Lake Park 295 Pleasant View Rd. 4-9pm 10am-9pm 1-7pm 10am-9pm 10am-3pm CLOSED
Bandimere Park 9405 Great Plains Blvd.  4-9pm 10am-9pm 1-7pm 10am-9pm 10am-3pm CLOSED
Roundhouse Park 3950 Kings Rd.  CLOSED 12-6pm 1-7pm 12-6pm 10am-3pm CLOSED

Rink Flooding Policy

Initial rink flooding
Outdoor skating rinks are flooded and open to the public from approximately December 14-February 28, depending on weather conditions.

Sustained single-digit temperatures are required for our park maintenance teams to begin initial rink flooding on our grass and asphalt rink bases. In recent years, weather has not always cooperated in this way. As a result, the following is the City of Chanhassen’s policy to determine calendar dates of when it is and isn’t appropriate to flood rinks.

If skating rinks can be opened on January 10 or before, all rinks will be flooded. The season will be cancelled if rinks are not opened by January 11.

Weekly maintenance flooding

Outdoor skating rinks undergo weekly maintenance flooding, if weather conditions allow for effective flooding. Many factors affect city staff’s ability to effectively flood skating rinks, including:

  • Air temperature, including temperatures preceding and following any given day. Sustained single-digit or well below freezing temperatures are required for effective maintenance flooding of the rinks.
  • Snow or rain events, including events preceding and following any given day. During snow events, crosswalks, school parking lots and sidewalks, and city trails are plowed by park maintenance teams prior to the clearing and flooding of rinks. 
  • Cloud cover/amount of sun. During periods of high sun, especially in late February and March, the sun heats the asphalt hockey rink bases and rink ice can begin to melt.

Every effort will be made to maintain quality outdoor ice skating rinks. If outdoor rinks are in poor or unsafe condition, please notify Mitchell Czech, Recreation Supervisor at 952-227-1129 or

Are Rinks Available for Reservation or Rental?

At this time, our outdoor rinks and warming houses are not available for rental. They are available to use on a first-come, first-serve basis.

COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

All current state and local safety guidelines must be followed when utilizing Chanhassen’s outdoor rinks and warming houses. Hand hygiene is encouraged, and please stay home if you are sick or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. For more information on current health and safety guidelines, click here.

Want to become a rink attendant? 

Rink attendant job applications will be posted online at in mid-late fall of 2021. For more information, contact Mitchell Czech at 952-227-1129 or