West Water Treatment Plant


Construction has begun on the West Water Treatment Plant. This plant will filter out iron and manganese from the west well field. These naturally occurring minerals are what cause the water to become discolored at times.


June 5, 2018

- The West Water Treatment Plant is on schedule to be operational by the end of the month. It is anticipated that Lake Harrison Road and the sidewalk will be open by mid-July.

October 11, 2017

- Lake Harrison Road will remain closed until the Spring of 2018. This will allow the contractor to utilize the street right-of-way for staging of project components, equipment, and employee parking. Use of this area also facilitates keeping the project on schedule. In addition, public and project safety is felt to be improved by allowing the street closure. Residents are encouraged to continue to avoid using Lake Harrison Road for any walking routes.

Work on the project is tracking towards the planned completion dates and the project is currently on schedule.


Project Phase
Substantial Completion and Start-Up of Treatment Plant
June, 2018
Lake Harrison Road and the Sidewalk to Open Mid-July, 2018
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Project Notifications Disclaimer
Due to the variability of construction, updates typically do not include specific details such as day-to-day scheduled activity. The City's inspector or contractor will notify occupants directly if they will be impacted by a utility service shut down (example: water shutoff), or work (such as excavation or new curb) that will impede access to the property for a period of hours or days.