Petition for Public Improvement


Public improvement projects include construction, maintenance and reconstruction of the City’s streets, sidewalks, trails, storm sewers, and sewer and water utilities. These projects can be initiated by new development or petitioned by property owners themselves.

Property Owner(s) may request the City of Chanhassen to construct a Public Improvement.
The first step of a Public Improvement by the City is a Feasibility Study. Preparation of a Feasibility Study does not in any way bind the Property Owner(s) requesting the Study or the City of Chanhassen to support or do a project. The Property Owner(s) requesting the Feasibility Study is required to deposit escrow equal to 110% of the estimated cost of the Study. The City will use the money to pay for the cost of the Feasibility Study.

If the project is ordered, the total amount of the escrow will be returned to the Property Owner(s) and the cost of the Feasibility Study paid for out of the Public Improvement Project budget. If the project is not initiated, any portion of the escrow not used to pay actual costs incurred by the City for the Preparation of the Feasibility Study will be refunded to the Property Owner(s). The City Council has sole discretion in ordering the preparation of a Feasibility Study and ordering a Public Improvement Project.

View and print a copy of the Petition Form.