Traffic & Pedestrian Safety

In Chanhassen, traffic safety is a common concern raised by citizens. In residential areas, unsafe driving behavior can deprive families of feeling safe in their neighborhoods. Police visibility/enforcement has only a temporary affect on traffic behavior. The key to reducing the risk of crashes and injuries is when citizens remember to follow the rules on roadway safety.

Rules of Roadway Safety

  • Slow down and drive sensibly
  • Be especially watchful for children near roadways, as they are small and unpredictable. A child under age 10 doesn't have the skills to judge a vehicle's speed, and has limited peripheral vision.
  • Be respectful while driving through any neighborhood; drive slowly on all residential streets.
  • Minimize your distractions:
    o Postpone complex or emotional conversations on the cell phone or with passengers.
    o If a passenger is distracting you, pull over where it is safe and legal to do so.
    o Don't wait until you are driving to plan your route or attend to grooming.
  • Be visible: Wear bright clothing during the day and reflective materials after dark.
  • Always walk facing traffic.
  • Never allow children to play in the street
  • Reinforce "Stop, Look, Listen."


  • Crosswalks are recommended when data indicates effectiveness. When the city receives a request for a crosswalk, staff will check if the basic criteria meets MnDOT regulations.
The City of Chanhassen encourages citizens to get involved in neighborhood traffic safety strategies. For information on how you and your neighbors can make a difference, call city hall at 952-227-1100.