Animal Complaints

Report an Animal Complaint Online

Dogs & Cats at Large:

No dog or cat may run at large in the city. Pets must be restrained at all times when off the owner's property. To report a stray animal, call the Code Enforcement Specialist at 952-227-1607 or email them. After hours, on weekends or holidays, you may call Carver County Dispatch at 952-361-1231 to see if your pet has been picked up.

Barking Dogs:

Dogs are prohibited from barking excessively. What does that mean? Generally, on-again/off-again barking that occurs regularly during the day or evening is excessive, as is non-stop barking that exceeds five minutes with one minute or less lapse of time without such noise during the five-minute period. If you're a "victim" of a neighbor's barking dog, try talking with the owner before calling in a complaint. A friendly chat may quickly resolve the problem on neighborly terms. If a complaint is necessary, please call the Carver County Sheriff's Office at 952-361-1231 and the first available officer will respond.

No Pets in Parks:

City Code prohibits pets from being in Chanhassen's community parks and neighborhood parks, except for when on trails that pass through parks. Pets must be leashed at all times while on the trails, in the parks and elsewhere. This does not apply to properly harnessed or leashed service animals.

Waste Clean-up

: The owner or person in control of an animal shall immediately remove any waste left by the dog not on the property of the owner or the person in control of the animal. A person walking a dog off the owner's property must have in their possession equipment for picking up and removing the waste.

Cruelty to Animals:

Code Enforcement Specialists enforce all state and local cruelty laws. Call the Carver County Sheriff's Office at 952-361-1231 if you witness cruelty to an animal. You can remain anonymous.

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