Medallion Hunt

Medallion Hunt Rules
  1. The medallion will be hidden on Chanhassen City-owned park or park preserve. These spaces are open to the public from 6am-10pm.
  2. Search but do not destroy or damage any property. The City of Chanhassen reserves the right to terminate the hunt if the property becomes damaged. The medallion will not be hidden underground; nor will it be hidden at a height requiring special equipment to find it. A shovel may be useful if it is buried in the snow, but a metal detector is useless as the medallion is acrylic.
  3. The Chanhassen Library has resources that may help you solve some of the clues.
  4. The medallion must be found and the prize claimed by 4:30 pm on Monday, February 12 at Chanhassen City Hall.
  5. Employees of the City of Chanhassen and immediate family members are not eligible to win.

*****The 2018 Feb Fest medallion has been found! Congratulations and thanks to everyone for participating!*****

Clue #1

It is that time of year; Feb Fest is near.

If you are going out on the hunt,

Make sure you wear proper gear.

Clue #2

Some princes sit on a throne,

One called Chanhassen home. 

Either way, you know this is a good place to roam.

Clue #3

You don’t have to be a Saint to figure this out.

Grab your friends and have them keep a look out.

One place you know you don’t have to go,

Is the home of the bulls, old Chicago.

Clue #4

Let’s get social,

This will be fun!

Hopefully you get this clue,

Before the day is done!

Clue #5

We hope this hunt doesn’t take you 100 years,

If you find it before then, you will get many cheers!

It’s time to get a few more details,

To find me you have to go off the trails.

Clue #6

This is the last clue, there is nothing left.

If you haven't found the medallion, no need for theft.

We no longer need to reserve,

You can find it in the Chanhassen Nature Preserve!

Clue #7

I am not in the cattails or the long weeds.

I am hidden near the trees.

The snow makes me hard to see,

To find me you might have to bend a knee.

Clue #8

The area has been searched.

The medallion has been sighted.

It has been brought closer to the surface,

Next to a tree that is lopsided.