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Application Forms

  1. Teen Volunteer Program

    The Teen Volunteer Program is for teens ages 13-16. This program encourages teen leadership and responsibility through community... More…

City Council

  1. Citizen Action Request Form

    The purpose of this form is for resident requests to the City Council during the Visitor Presentations portion of a city council... More…

Election Forms

  1. 2018 Election Judge Application Form (General Election only)

    Complete this form to apply to serve as a Chanhassen election judge in the 2018 General Election.

  1. 2020 Election Judge Application Form

    Complete this form to apply to serve as an election judge in Chanhassen.

Engineering Permits

  1. Application for Underground Utility Construction/Right-of-Way Permit

    This permit is used when installing utilities and/or any underground construction (i.e. landscaping, fencing, etc.) in the city's... More…


  1. Chanhassen Fire Department Citizen Evaluation Form

    Citizen Evaluation form for emergency services provided by CFD.

Permit Forms

  1. Open Burning Permit

    Apply for an open fire burning permit.

Registration Forms

  1. Night to Unite Neighborhood Block Party Registration Form

    Use this form to register your block party and request a visit by the Carver County Sheriff's Deputies, Carver County Mounted Posse... More…

Report Forms

  1. Monthly Recycling Report

    Per Section 16-33(5) of the Chanhassen City Code, all licensed garbage haulers within the city must submit a monthly report on mixed... More…

RSVP Forms

  1. Cemetery Walk Reservation Form

    Use this form to make a reservation to attend the Cemetery Walk performances to be held on Saturday, October 5, 2019.