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2020 Election Judge Application Form

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  2. Fill out this form if you are interested in serving as an Election Judge in the City of Chanhassen in the upcoming 2020 elections.

  3. NOTE: Use the city name and zip code where you receive your mail, i.e. Chanhassen 55317, Chaska 55318, or Excelsior 55331.

  4. State


  5. Party Affiliation*

    NOTE: This information is required in order to establish party balance within each voting precinct.

    *Non-Partisan Judges will be limited in their responsibilities.

  6. Availability

    Check all that apply

  7. Availability of Hours*

    NOTE: Half day availability may be limited depending on the number of judges available to work.

  8. Training

    Two hours of training is required to serve as an election judge in Minnesota. Training dates will be announced at a later date.

  9. Precinct Location Preference*

  10. Payment*

    Chanhassen pays regular election judges Minnesota's current minimum wage. Judges are paid to attend two hours of training and for working at the polls on election day.

    An election judge can choose not to be paid and volunteer their services. A separate form will be required to be submitted. Head and Assistant Head Election Judges are paid at a higher rate due to their added responsibilities.

  11. Have you served as an election judge in the past?*

  12. In what capacity have you served in the past?*

  13. THANK YOU!

    If you are chosen to serve as an election judge in 2020, you will be contacted with additional information and to schedule training.

    Questions? Contact Kim Meuwissen at 952-227-1107 or by email at

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